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Roof Coating

Roof coatings on flat roofs as they are known, involve applying a fluid roofing membrane over an existing roof substrate. It’s rolled on evenly over the roof making a waterproof, durable, and seamless layer. These coatings protect your home from roof leaks, are energy efficient, reduce cooling costs, and extend the service life of your roof.

Roof  Replacement 

Investing in a good quality roof, installation, and warranty offers priceless benefits for your home. And, it also offers peace of mind for you! From small repairs to complete replacement, H. Stewart Roofing will give homeowners an honest and experienced evaluation, and recommend the best way to move forward with your roof. You won’t have to second guess your decision because we get it right the first time!

Gutter installation 

Our estimators are highly trained to analyze your home and provide you with accurate, cost efficient solutions for your new gutter installation.

Gutter Gaurd

During installation, our professional installers will check for any additional areas of concern to identify parts of your gutter system that may need extra attention, as we would never want to install on a faulty gutter system.

Masonry and Brick Waterproofing 

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